Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Continuing with OU freebies

I've watched another couple of OU video "serieses" and it's becoming apparent that a lot of these aren't serieses at all, but rather a 25 minute video broken up into arbitrary little chunks.   You've got to watch all the chunks in order, as they don't make any sense individually.  So why did the OU break them up like this?  Presumably it matches the way the individual segments are referred to in the course materials.  So they've set most of them up as playlists, meaning you can watch all the way through.  But that still means putting up with the odd silly little jingle and idents at the end (which are usually significantly louder than the main video content, making them uncomfortable to watch with headphones on).

But weirder still, while they have various serieses available as "combined" videos, some of these are genuine serieses of individual videos, and many of the single documentaries seem to be only available as fragments....
I think I'm going to get rather bored with these videos anyway, as most are merely a slice of the information given in a full course, and not really enough to actually learn the material.

But there's plenty available on the OU's YouTube channel, anyhow....

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